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Ms.McGee’s 1st Grade Class, at Manatee Charter School, is implementing flexible learning spaces. She recognized that her students often get antsy and restless sitting at their desks for prolonged periods of time. They thrive when they are active and engaged! Data has shown that children learn in different settings and different ways, so it is a priority in Ms.McGee’s room to offer them that choice to maximize their performance. After being inspired by other members of our network, she decided to implement this approach in her classroom, and the results have been fantastic! Ms. McGee shared, “My kids are aware of the expectations and responsibilities when using the flexible seating areas and embrace the independence and self-awareness that comes along with it; it truly helps to keep them engaged, aware, and on task. Not only do they enjoy the seating options, but they work quietly and independently to zone in on the task at hand. When used correctly, I believe flexible seating can have a huge impact on any classroom- I know it sure has on mine!”