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MNA-wampanoag-tribeDuring the week leading up to Thanksgiving break, second graders at Manatee Charter School learned about the Wampanoag tribe and how under the leadership of Squanto, the tribe helped the Pilgrims survive upon the their arrival in the “New World.” Students identified the main idea and found text evidence to show comprehension by answering questions after reading non-fiction passages about the earliest settlers and their experiences. Students compared and contrasted the clothing of Wampanoags and the Pilgrims and they discussed the traditions of the two cultures to build schema and develop an understanding of the origin of Thanksgiving.

On Friday, the unit was wrapped up when all 2nd graders decorated faux “Deerskin Vests” made from brown paper bags that they decorated with traditional Wampanoag symbols. A special thanks to store owner, Adam Mirenda, who provided the paper bags for the project!